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My name is Joshua Weaver

I have been working and floating at Cloud Nine Float Center and Isolate Float Center in Boulder, Colorado for over two years. I have spent extensive time studying John C. Lilly, exploring consciousness, practicing yoga, meditating, biohacking, and most importantly floating. As the founder of this site, I am sharing my maps and my experiences of sensory deprivation. I explain my practices and programs in both technical and experiential detail to help you on your path of exploring the deeply personal experience of isolation flotation.

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The Tankism Lifestyle

Tankism is the community of flotation. It is the culture of isolation flotation emerging from the experiences of those who float. By sharing our experiences, techniques, and practices of sensory deprivation we empower ourselves and others to grow and explore. The isolation float tank is a vehicle for exploring your innerverse and a chrysalis for personal metamorphosis. By fostering the link between your body, mind and spirit you can enrich your happiness, physical well being, and ultimately your life.

The purpose of tankism is to provide you with the maps needed to reach your desired states of mind. Some maps will allow you to look deeply into your life connecting you with the location of your inner wisdom. Other maps will connect you to the subconscious, the collective consciousness, the hypnagogic dream state, samadhi, and other classically mapped states of mind. To create these maps of mind we will explore practices of meditation, breathwork, lucid dreaming, mantras, mudras, symbiotic modalities, alchemy, and marijuana induced consciousness changes in the float tank. These techniques are just the surface, as John C. Lilly once said “There are infinities within the mind”.

What can Tankism offer you?

Tankism is your gateway to tap into the ultimate tool of the float tank. Flotation is a deeply personal practice. Everyone feels the experience in different ways, trust yourself and let go. See, hear, and feel the stillness from which everything emerges

Are you interested in improving your golf game or other sports game?

Studies have shown that visualizations improve performance. The Dallas Cowboys used float tanks in the 1980’s to improve their game

Are you interested in natural pain management?

Flotation REST research demonstrates that flotation reduces pain, and pain affected areas. It promotes a sense of wellbeing, rest and recovery. Flotation has been used as a therapy for fibromyalgia, providing relief from over stimulation.

Are you in need of a creative boost?

Artist, musicians, writers, and engineers use the float tank to interact with their ideas in new ways, exploring their projects from all angles. Jazz improvisational students found flotation to improve their technical abilities and received significantly higher grades over the control group.


Are you curious about mystical states?

The isolation float tank is the pinnacle environment to explore esoteric practices. You can use the tank to learn to lucid dream. You can connect with your Higher Self.

Are you curious about altered states of consciousness?

Explore how different chemicals affect the brain and body. While John C. Lilly’s chemicals of choice may have been LSD or ketamine, yours may be caffeine + L-theanine or choline. For some, cannabis edibles can transport you new realms creating lasting habit change, unique states of consciousness, deep physical relaxation, and even visual experiences. How you choose to explore your consciousness is your ultimate freedom.

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Do you want to increase your ability to focus?  

The isolation flotation environment, with practice, will supercharge your ability to stay on task. It is the perfect environment to observe how thoughts arise and flow through the mind.


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